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Here at 33 we also offer you the option to produce your dream jewelry with lab grown diamonds.


 Lab grown diamonds are produced using advanced technology that replicates the natural process of diamond formation on Earth.


The end result is a diamond that possesses the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, making it impossible to differentiate one from another, even for the most renowned gemologists.


The main difference between the two types of diamonds is their origin, as lab grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory while natural diamonds are mined from the earth.


To produce a lab grown diamond, a carbon seed is placed in a sealed chamber and subjected to high pressures and temperatures for about seven weeks. 

After this period, a rough diamond is formed, which is then cut and polished in the same way as diamonds mined from the earth.


Lab grown diamonds are considered an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds, as there are no environmental or social impacts associated with their production.

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