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The story of 33 is one of passion, love, and dedication.

Since she was a child, Barbara was always enchanted by the beautiful jewelry she saw in shop windows, dreaming of one day having her own unique and special pieces.

When she moved to the Middle East, she discovered a world of possibilities and fell even more in love with fine and luxurious jewelry.

She met a high-end jeweller who produced jewelry for her family, and her passion turned into a journey of learning and discovery. Studying at the renowned GIA Institute, she delved into the art and science of gemology, discovering the nuances and peculiarities of each precious stone, and learning how to create unique and truly special pieces.

Alongside Gabriela, her business and life partner, they founded 33, a brand of fine handmade jewelry. Each piece is a unique work of art, created with love, care, and dedication, and inspired by the beauty and elegance of a classic world that surrounds them.

At 33, the business model is unique and innovative. We believe that each client has a dream, a particular vision of what is beautiful, and therefore our service is personalized and focused on creating exclusive pieces for each of them. You dream, we make it happen.

Each piece of jewelry has a story, a life of its own, and is a treasure to be passed down from generation to generation. 33 pieces are handmade by our master jewelers, with 18K gold or platinum and certified to ensure their quality and durability. In addition, our team of highly qualified gemologists selects the best gems to ensure that your piece stands out in color, cut, and clarity.

Moldando Anel de Ouro
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